Oh, Annabel: Words of My Father

Daddy holding my sister Jeanne in 1950

My father, Darrell Milas Wilkerson, never owned a home. He told me he was much more comfortable in the seat of an airplane or driving a car. He lived an adventurous life and told the best damn stories. When he wasn’t spinning a yarn, he was singing songs or reciting poetry.

Daddy died June 4, 1992, but his words remain. So I’m pleased L.L. Barkat chose my essay about him as the feature article today on Tweetspeak Poetry. And just in time for Father’s Day.

Hope you enjoy Oh, Annabel: Words of My Father.

About Darrelyn Saloom

Darrelyn Saloom co-wrote My Call to the Ring: A Memoir of a Girl who Yearns to Box (Glasnevin, 2012) with world champion boxer, Deirdre Gogarty, but her pugilistic passions are confined to a keyboard. Darrelyn lives with her husband and various critters on a horse farm in south Louisiana, where she is working on a collection of personal essays and stories. To learn more, visit her website at http://darrelynsaloom.com or follow her on Twitter: @DarrelynSaloom
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14 Responses to Oh, Annabel: Words of My Father

  1. Katy Richard says:

    Love the essay Darrelyn. Reminded my of my daddy when reading the WWII stories. I wish my own father would have told us about the war, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Thanks for sharing. Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads, especially those that are no longer with us. Taken too soon.

    • Darrelyn Saloom says:

      Thanks, Katy. I’m so glad you enjoyed. Your father must’ve had some painful memories. Those are hard ones to share. Taken “too soon” is right.

  2. syd webre says:

    Loved your story. You must be so proud to be named after him!

    • Thank you, Syd. As a child, we moved around a lot and changed schools numerous times. My teachers would always introduce the new kid and make me stand up to pronounce my name over and over again. I didn’t appreciate it at the time. But I treasure it now.

  3. Carolyn says:

    I enjoyed your essay very much. So much love in those words.

  4. Wonderful Darrelyn! My dad is 86 and I feel blessed he is still with us. Once in a while we can get him to reminisce, but it’s like pulling teeth. How lucky you were that your father was so open and willing to share his life with you.

  5. LeAnne Guidry says:

    I loved your essay about your Dad! The “French ladies” part reminds me of my Dad’s stories about getting in trouble at the catholic orphanage for having a makeshift “kissing booth”. Always in trouble somehow with the nuns : ) Your Dad sounded like he had a very spicy and colorful life, the best kind! : )

    • I wish I had known your dad LeAnne. When my father’s mother died, his dad socked him and his two brothers in a catholic oprhange until he remarried. Daddy, too, stayed in trouble with the nuns. Wish they could have shared stories. πŸ™‚

  6. christofruge says:

    Very good, thank you Darrelyn!

  7. cynthia says:

    What a wonderful photo! I love that your father was “more comfortable in the seat of an airplane or driving a car.” So am I. Off to read your essay.

    • Cynthia, We were driving in an old VW Beetle with no air conditioning from Panama to Costa Rica when I whined, “When will we be there?” That’s when Daddy told me to enjoy the best part of the trip and went on to explain he was most comfortable in the seat of an airplane or driving a car.

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