Farm, Back Roads, & Things Old

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4 Responses to Gallery

  1. Roxana says:

    I love the colors! Sheeka’s so beautiful! I like also how there are trees ranges on both sides and Sheeka’s in the middle of the field, like she’s separating two worlds: the farm’s one with the fence and the unknown, large far-from-home world.
    Definitely a great picture!

  2. Darrelyn Saloom says:

    Glad you enjoyed, Roxana. Sheeka is a special dog (born without eyes). You’d never know she is blind because she’s such a happy canine. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Roxana says:

    Awww I didn’t know she was born blind. She seems a very happy dog however!

  4. Louis & Sally Gary says:

    Wonderful pictures! We can’t wait to see the new born horses in the next several weeks and hopefully watch Delilahjane run!

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